Our Work

Rotary members in individual clubs, and around the world, work tirelessly to combine our knowledge, skills, and experience in tackling the most difficult challenges, both locally and overseas.

To give you an idea of the scale of some of this work, perhaps our most well-known project is our fight against polio, which started in 1979 with the immunisation of six million children in the Philippines.

On a local level, our experience in community work and volunteering allows us to help organisations such as local businesses, charities, universities, schools, and hospitals, supporting a wide range of projects.

These can include anything from helping at food banks, cleaning up a local river, fundraising for local hospices, or organising sports tournaments for disabled children.

However, because our e-club is a national organisation, we can also adopt national projects as well as local ones.

In choosing which challenges to take on – whether local, national, or overseas - we focus our efforts on six key areas; promoting peace, preventing diseases, providing access to clean water and sanitation, enhancing maternal and child health, improving basic education and literacy, and helping communities develop.

Take a look at our current projects to see how you can get involved.